Tours at SOL Spanish School

Spanish School in Granada Nicaragua

(Note: this a SAMPLE LIST and may change depending on time of year, number of participants and availability.)

Visit toGalería Héroes y Mártires de Masaya where you can veiw photographs of the history of the Sandinista Revolution as lived and died by local heroes who died in battle.

Excursions to Los Pueblos BlancosCatarina, San Juan de Oriente,and Niquinohomo (birthplace of A.C. Sandino), with emphasis on historic sites, folklore, and artesanía.

Visit toParque Zoológicoto see Nicaraguan mammals, reptiles and birds.

Excursion tothe summit ofCerro Posintepe, to enjoy the panoramic view of Granada and el gran Lago de Nicaragua.

Visit toRural Projects like Nicaragua Libre, Sonzapote, La Granadilla,to see life in el campo, learn about Nicaraguan agriculture, horseback riding and more.

Visits toArtisan Shops and the Markets of Granada and Masayacto view their working conditions and to see how they make their various products including furniture, hammocks, pottery, woodwork, sculpture, paintings, clothing, musical instruments, and more. Shops include:Artesanos en Cuero who make leather goods from alligator shoes to saddles; Muebles de Mimbre, furniture made with natural bamboo-like material of artistic quality;Artesanos en Madera who make furniture and other crafts out of Nicaragua’s many precious woods like cedar, laurel, teak, and ebony, among others; Confección de Trajes where they make clothing for weddings, children’s clothes, traditonal guayaberas used by Nicaraguan diplomats, and the renowned bordados granadinos.

Tours through Granadaon foot and in horse drawn carriage to get to know the markets, parks, and services of the city, and to visit various sights of historical interest which include:Convento de San Francisco, Plaza Mayor, Muros de Xalteva, Iglesia de Guadalupe, Estación de Ferrocarril, Capilla de Animas del Cementerio, El Malecón, Fortaleza La Pólvora, Granada’s variousCatedralesMuseo Casa de los Tres MundosMuseo TenderíLa Casa de Antiguedades, y más…

Participation inCultural Activities in local Casas de Cultura including art, dance, martial arts, music (guitarra), Nicaraguan cooking classes; artisan activites, activities with children, and a cultural exchange program with bailarines, músicos, teatristas, poetas, escritores, historiadores, deportistas, panaderos, costureras, vendedores, lustradores, etc., to learn about their life and challenges.

Educational Mini-Cursos taught by school staff and invited speakers which focus on issues of economic and social reality to give you a historical and cultural context for appreciating your Nicaragua experience. Recommended for intermediate and advanced students, but all students can participate. Topics include:

  • Salud y Medio Ambiente
  • Desastres Naturales
  • Historia
  • Ecología
  • Economía
  • Sexo y Género
  • Costumbres y Tradiciones Culturales
  • Religión

Excursion toEl Chocoyeroa semi-humid forest full of mammoth (40 meters+) trees with an amazing variety of low and high altitude dwelling birds.

Visits to Primary and Secondary Schools in Granada to observe the Nicaraguan education system and speak with administrators and teachers of various subjects. Volunteer opportunities are available.

Excursion toFortaleza Coyotepe.This fort, located to the north or neighboring Masaya, has a fascinating history. There important battles in Nicaraguan history were fought, and later the fort was a converted into a prison during the time of the Somoza dictatorship.

Excursion toLa Purerato see how they make Nicaraguan cigars for exportation.

Participation inlocal nightlife.Dance to traditional and 70′s music, watch a movie Nica participatory style, visit the various places that people congregate to gossip and promenade. . . There is always something going on!

Trips toLas Isletason Lake Nicaragua andIsla Zapatera.There are hundreds of islands in Lake Granada with flora, fauna and inhabitants; many of them little explored.

Participation inlocal fiestasincluding Fiestas Tradicionales en Diriamba (week of Jan 20 – transport cost), Fiestas de Diriomo (week of Feb 2), Fiestas Patronales de Nandaime (last week in July), Fiestas Patronales de Jinotepe (week of Jul 25 – transport cost), Fiestas Patronales de Masaya (Sept-Dec.), La Verbena de Masaya (year round fiestas), y más…

Excursion toLaguna de Apoyo, a beautiful lagoon formed by a great volcanic explosion hundreds of years ago. The optional hike down from el Mirador de Catarina is an adventure with a cool swim awaiting at the bottom.

Participation inProyecto Donación SOL in which students facilitate a series of ongoing material aid donation projects sponsored by SOL school. Students can participate in the following project steps: donation recipient selection, material needs assessment, shopping and purchasing of material to be donated, donation disbursement, follow-up, photo documentation.

Visits to the various social service organizations to see the work they do and for possible volunteer work.


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