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Spanish School in Granada Nicaragua

SOL Spanish School is located in Granada Nicaragua, a beautiful colonial city located in the heart of Central America. It is argued by many as being the oldest city in Central America but that is not sure. Conquered by the Spaniards in the 1500′s, this city still has all of the architechture dating back to that time period and is a fantastic setting to study a language.

We are located just a few blocks from the Granada Central Park. We are walking distance from just about everything in Granada, including the Central Park and Lake NicaraguaCalle La Calzada, where most of the restaurants are located is just a few- minute walk from the school. It has a plaza to hang out and people-watch during the day and bars and taverns for those who want some nightlife too. You could not pick a better location in Granada!

Our Spanish school in Granada Nicaragua.

The exact adress is: From the Xalteva Church, 2 blocks to the West, 1/2 block to the South, on El Cementerio St., ask for Sandra Espinoza, SOL Spanish School Program coordinator. The telephone number is 2552-6084.

If you take a taxi you can bring to the taxista the following address in Spanish:.

“Chicheria Paris, 1 cuadra al Sur, Calle el Cementerio”-

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